Saturday, April 4, 2009

Vivarium Data Management

Based on many years of experience with life-science data management, our team at Virtual Chemistry created a software platform called Mosaic. The platform contains much of the basic "plumbing" we need when we help our customers manage scientific data.

Mosaic Vivarium became our first complete solution built on Mosaic. We've been marketing Mosaic Vivarium for a couple of years now as a convenient, web-based solution for managing the husbandry of laboratory animals, predominantly mice.

During our numerous conversations with prospective Mosaic Vivarium users, we've discovered several recurring themes and questions. We've also developed a set of "lessons learned" from several deployments of Mosaic Vivarium in both large and small vivaria. In this blog we'll periodically discuss what we hear from users and what we've learned over time. We hope others will find the information helpful as they consider how best to manage their vivarium.

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