Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mobile Computer Setup

(Updated April 2018)

If your facility has wireless network access, the following setup can be put on a lab cart for convenient cage-side record keeping with Mosaic Vivarium. Prices are approximate.
  1. $700 Laptop Computer

    Memory should be 8GB RAM or more and display  resolution 1920x1080 or better.  You can use a smaller screen, but ease of visibility is key.  The processor should be equivalent or better than an Intel Core i5 at 3 GHz.
    For example:

    Get WiFi Internet.
    Get Bluetooth if you wish to connect a wireless barcode scanner.

    Also see Tablet Computers for Mosaic Vivarium.

    You will need a standard Windows device (laptop/tablet), not a Windows RT device.

  2. $150 - $300 Plastic Supply Cart on Wheels

    For example,
    NOTE: Not all lab floors are level - consider a cart with wheel locks.

  3. $130 DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo

    Direct from DYMO,

    $22 Label stock 30256 fits on 3”x5” index card stock, leaving room for a colored border.

    Direct from DYMO,

    NOTE:  see Cost Effective Cage Card Printing for better label choices.

  4. Barcode Scanners
    See our complete review of barcode scanner options for Mosaic Vivarium

  5. $70 UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply / Portable Power)

    This is just to run the Dymo printer which cannot run from the USB power alone. Plug the UPS into the wall when the cart is not in use.

    Customers have successfully used CyberPower units. E.g., shop

    For the CyberPower models, get versions with the LCD display in order to be able to shut off the audible notification when the unit is operating on battery power.