Friday, May 13, 2011

Recovering your “mosaic” password

The following topic applies to customers with Mosaic installed on your own servers

To recover access via “mosaic” you need to modify the vci.config.xml file (in the “config” folder) for the relevant Mosaic web.

Locate the "Vci.Mosaic.Authentication.Mode" key and make a note of the current value.

Then change the value to “Maintenance” as shown:

<add key="Vci.Mosaic.Authentication.Mode" value="Maintenance" />

You can now login from a browser on the server itself as “mosaic” with no password. You must be on the web server to do this.

Once logged in, change the “mosaic” password via the options link (upper right). You can also go to Administration | Security -> Personnel and right-click on the row for the “mosaic” user to set the password.

When you are done, restore your vci.config.xml to its original state.

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