Thursday, May 19, 2011

Using Mosaic with a Proxy Server

For customers with Mosaic installed on your servers, you may find that help topics or Mosaic alerts are not displayed.  This can be due to a misconfiguration of your “External Help Url” or your “Notification URL” or you may have a proxy server in place at your organization.


Under Administration | Maintenance –> Mosaic Settings, locate the “Mosaic Application Configuration” section.

If the “External Help Url” or “Notification URL” settings do not appear, click “add/remove settings” and add them by clicking their checkboxes.

The correct setting for “External Help Url” is:

The correct setting for “Notification URL” is:


If Help and Alerts still do not work, your Mosaic server may communicate through a proxy server. You’ll need to obtain the address and port of your proxy server. Place an entry similar to the following into the <configuration/> element of the web.config file for your Mosaic web.


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