Thursday, May 31, 2012

Entering Colors in Mosaic Vivarium

Almost any value that you enter via a pull-down list in Mosaic can have a color associated with it.  Visit Administration | Lookup Lists to see all the lists.  Click on a row number for a list to see the current values in the list.  The list values have a Color field that you can control.

Click Edit in the lower worksheet and then add a row or click on the color cell of an existing row.  You will then see our simple color chooser:


Simply click on one of these colors.  However, if you want a precise color, click on Custom… to get the custom entry screen:


To get a “hexidecimal RGB value” you can use one of many online tools for this purpose.  Here is one that we have used:

After you find the perfect color, cut the “Hex” value and paste it back into Mosaic’s “color” box on the Custom Color dialog.


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