Monday, February 18, 2013

Using Mosaic with Windows 8

If you are using a laptop or tablet with Windows 8, here are some tips.  By the way, you cannot use all the features of Mosaic with Windows RT, so be sure not to get a Windows RT device if you plan to use Mosaic.

Install Adobe Reader

The built-in PDF reader with Windows 8 does not work well.  (We’ve experienced crashes and an inability to manage print options conveniently.)  Installing the latest version of Adobe Reader will make cage card printing work well again.

Use the Desktop Version of Your Favorite Browser

The version of Internet Explorer you can access from the Windows 8 Start Screen does not work with Silverlight for cases we have tested.  Instead, launch the browser from the Desktop, as shown below.



March 2013:  Using Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) you will also need to click the “Compatibility View” icon.  This requirement will go away in a future release of Mosaic Vivarium.


Following these few simple steps should enable you to use all the features of Mosaic that you are familiar with.  If you have any problems, use the Feedback link on your account.

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