Friday, January 31, 2014

Updating MosaicService

For customers with Mosaic installed on your own servers with a current software maintenance contract, you will occasionally receive updates to the MosaicService.  This component is responsible for scheduled Notifications, and other services.  Here are the steps:
  • Stop the Mosaic Service
  • COPY your MosaicService directory as a precaution
  • Extract the new contents over your existing MosaicService directory
  • Start the Mosaic Service
Additional notes (before re-starting the service):

Make sure to retain a copy of your original vci.config.xml file which resides in your MosaicService directory.  This file is overwritten when you extract the .zip file.  You will need to re-introduce any local modifications made to this file, usually those settings which start with Vci.Mosaic.Email.* which configure email.  Pro tip:  enter XML comments in your version of vci.config.xml that remind you which settings you have modified for your local install.

You do not need to retain contents of the Vci.Mosaic.MosaicSchedulerService.Clients node because you will re-register the web with the service later.

If your Mosaic sandbox does not reside at D:\MosaicSandbox, you will need to modify:
<add key="Vci.Mosaic.Sandbox" value="D:\MosaicSandbox\Service" />
in your MosaicService.exe.config file.  This file is overwritten with new updates, so you’ll need to inspect your original MosaicService.exe.config for the proper value of Vci.Mosaic.Sandbox on your server.

Finally, re-register your Mosaic web with the service:

  • Login as mosaic
  • Visit Administration | Maintenance -> Mosaic Maintenance
  • "Cache and Miscellaneous"tab
  • Press "Register With Scheduler"
  • Visit Administration | Reports -> Event Log to confirm

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