Monday, June 8, 2015

Changes to Animal Health Cases

Coming changes will affect who may access Animal Health Cases on the associated Worksheet.  Read below because there are things you must prepare to maintain proper access.

Normal users who will view health cases will need the “View Health Case” privilege.

Administrators who should see all health cases regardless of ownership will need the “Health Case Administrator” privilege.


ACTION:  We added these privileges before implementing the changes so that you can add the privileges to the desired Roles.  You should do this now if you have not done so already.

For users without “Health Case Administrator” but with “View Health Case” access to individual rows will be governed by the person and group fields on the case:  if you are the person on one of the person fields, or you belong to one of the groups on the group fields, then you may see the case.  For details see this new help topic:


We have ADDED “Veterinarian Group” to the worksheet:


IMPORTANT NOTE:  the “Assigned To Group” is the same field that appears on the Task Worksheet.  Previously, this field appeared as “Veterinarian Group” on the Health Cases Worksheet, but it was really the Assigned To Group.  This was confusing.  Furthermore, some sites require separate Veterinarian/Veterinarian Group columns on the health case so that monitoring may be Assigned To technician/caretaker personnel (using Assigned To/Group) while oversight may be assigned separately to Veterinarian staff (using Vet/Vet Group fields).

NOW:  the Assigned To Group is the same on the Health Cases worksheet as on the Task Worksheet.  The Veterinarian/Veterinarian Group fields apply only to Health Cases and appear only on that worksheet and NOT on the general Task Worksheet.

ACTION:  you will probably want to enter your Veterinarian Group values on the Health Cases Worksheet before the final changes to permissions take effect.

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